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Guitars for Beginners

What Guitar should you buy?

We always get asked from customers for advice on what Guitar they should buy as a beginner. So here are some tips to help you get the best Guitar for your budget.

  1. Look for build quality.

    There are loads of Guitars available online and in local stores. However not all of them are great. One thing to really look out for is build quality. Does it look well made? do all the parts line up? are there any marks? Make sure you check out every part and judge the quality. If in a store compare it to other instruments in a similar price range.

    Is it easy to play?

    You might not play Guitar yet but its worth checking that you can get your hands around the neck comfortably to be able to play it. All Guitar necks have different profiles. This is simply referring to the size and shape of the neck. Make sure you can get your hands around the neck and try out the Guitar before you buy it. We recommend for most beginners an electric guitar. Simply because the neck on electrics are slimmer and easier to play. Acoustics have larger necks and thicker strings. Classical guitars have larger necks also. We find most stores sell classical guitars to younger students. We personally feel this is wrong! Classical guitars do not suit smaller hands, especially beginners!

    Stick to a brand name

    Not always the case but we find the following budget guitars made by these brands are typically good quality. Squire (by fender) Epiphone (by Gibson) Ibanez and Yamaha.

    Can you push down the strings?

    Check you can push down the strings comfortably. Check the heigh of the strings from the fretboard is also not too high.

So there are a few tips to help you choose the right guitar. If in doubt then feel free to get in contact with us. Even if you’re not a student.