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Things guitar players do not need to buy

In this article, we are going to look at some of the products available in the guitar accessory market place you DO NOT need to buy.
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Lick of the day!

Check out this awesome lick performed by our tutor Nathan. Why not learn this lick yourself? check out the transcription below the video
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Pentatonic Scales Lesson

We have been busy this week making more content to share with our students and followers. This week we are providing a set of scale diagrams to help you learn your pentatonic scales. We have compiled these in the form of an E-Book to download absolutely FREE! All we are ...
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Free Guitar Lessons

During COVID 19 we have been unable to teach any guitar lessons at our centre in Petersfield, Hampshire. So we have been working on some free resources to help our current students keep learning and jamming at home as well as introduce new students into the benefits of playing guitar. ...
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Teach Yourself Guitar

In this article, we are going to look at all the resources available to help you teach yourself guitar. At Guitar Academy, we provide one to one guitar lessons in Petersfield and Online. We know how to teach all ages and abilities to play the guitar and have done for ...
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Introducing: Classical Guitar Lessons

That's right! we are introducing Classical Guitar Lessons at Guitar Academy Petersfield.
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Is there a formula for a hit song?

In this article, we are going to look at some of the common elements found in some of the chart music hits. You could use these elements to inspire your own songwriting or provide you with a basis to start writing your own song. Or even to wonder if there ...
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Hammer Ons and Pull Offs – Thunderstruck

In this lesson we are going to be looking at the techniques required to play the main theme of Thunderstruck by ACDC. This track has a great riff that uses a lot of pull offs. In the excerpt below you will see the TAB has a lot of “P” and ...
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In this weeks blog post we are going to look at AmpliTube from software and hardware company IK Multimedia. AmpliTube is a piece of software that emulates the sound of amps, pedals, speaker cabinets and how they sound with different mic configurations. This powerful program is a great addition to ...
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Open Position Minor Chords

In this article you are going to learn another set of essential chords you need to know as a beginner guitarist. Below is a tutorial video we made and a chord sheet to get you started. Have fun!
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Open Position Major Chords

In this article you are going to learn an essential set of chords to help you start playing some of the songs you love. These open position major chords make up a majority of songs and are essential for you to learn as a beginner. Check out the chord diagram ...
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Tech and Apps for Musicians – Dolby On

Like most Guitarists we love technology. Pedals, Amps, Recording Tech, Apps, everything! So in this short series of posts we are going to look at some of the newest apps on the market as well as technology available for the creative musicians out there. Most of the tech we feature ...
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