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Self-isolating? Learn Guitar Remotely!

Times are extremely challenging at the moment and we find ourselves hiding out and being faced with ongoing uncertainty.

As a small business we have also been faced with some challenges in response to covid-19 and will continue to do so.

But! in the spirit of adapting and overcoming hardship, we are now trialing remote lessons. Like skype, only without the skype software.

We are now trialing online lessons, delivered remotely by our tutors for anyone who wishes to distance themselves during these difficult times and still have a guitar lesson.

This could help relieve some of the working from home boredom and cabin fever from prolonged isolation.

If you’re interested in giving our online lesson service a go then get in touch for more info and to make a booking.

We are currently offering a 15% Discount for this service as an introductory offer.

Lessons are currently only monday to friday and booking is required.

Stay safe out there! 

Guitar Academy

Buying your first Electric Guitar (1/2 Size)

In this short blog post, we are going to look at some of our recommended electric guitars for beginners. Buying your first guitar can be a little bit daunting, especially if you do not know what to look for. Before continuing, check out our other blog post on buying a guitar. This will give you some insights on what to look for. In this blog post, we are going to recommend some specific makes and models that we think are particularly good.

Guitars for younger players

Let us start by looking at some guitars designed for younger players and smaller hands. These guitars are in the 3/4 and 1/2 size category that we think are particularly good.


We got a couple of these in a while ago. They are well made, have really cool designs and small. Perfect for younger players that are not yet ready to play a full-size guitar.

Average RRP: £159


The Epiphone les paul express is a small size electric guitar. Good brand, well made and comes in a couple of different colours. What’s not to like.

Average RRP £109


Another good choice of small guitars from iconic brand Fender. These guitars are smaller versions of the iconic fender strat.

Retails around £109 for the Guitar alone.


So half size electric guitars are not as common as you would believe. They do exist but primarily online and some larger stores. The one piece of advice I would give in buying a smaller guitar is to always look for build quality. Try and avoid unknown brands and eBay deals. Some of the smaller guitars I have seen that have been randomly purchased from eBay have been shocking.

If you can wait a little longer until you can play a full-size guitar. You will be getting more for your money and a better quality item that will last longer. Many of these smaller guitars are priced so closely to a full-size guitar.

Anyway, hope you found this useful. If you want to contribute anything to the article let us know!

How to tune your Guitar

Always play in Tune.

Before you play your Guitar you have to put it in tune. This can be tuned manually by ear (hardest) or by using a Guitar tuner device (easier).

There are many things that will put your Guitar out of tune. Such as: Playing it, Changes in temperature and putting it in and out of cases or knocking it against something by accident.

Digital guitar tuners are a worth while investment. So get hold of one and watch the below tutorial on how to use one.

Getting Started on Guitar

For those about to rock…

So! you’ve been looking around the internet for Guitar Lessons. You might not be set on whather to have one to one lessons, learn online or try learning from a book. Well whatever your learning style we are here to help!

We specialise in one to one lessons in Petersfield. But in this article we are going to offer you some free materials to help you get started playing the Guitar at home. 

Assuming you already have a Guitar and sitting with it in front of your computer, you are going to want to start jamming right away. But before you do! you need to make sure you’re in tune. 

How to Tune your Guitar

We highly recommend at this point you have or invest in a clip on or plug in tuner. They are not expensive, good ones around £15 to 20. You can also download apps on your smart phone to perform this function. Some of the APPS are Free.

Lets get riffing!

Now you’re in tune using an electronic tuner and watching our handy video. You are now going to want to start playing some form of tune. So lets start by learning to read TAB. Learning to read TAB is the gateway to learning all your favourite tunes and licks with ease. 

The video below uses TAB in and provides a demonstration on how to play a famous lick. But if you need more guidance, you can also refer to our How to read TAB guide by clicking here.

So whats next!

I am glad you aasked! 

The next thing you will need to get down to start playing all your favourit tunes is chords. Chords are groups of notes played together in unison. These form the foundation of most of the songs we love. 

Where to go from here.

You we have essentially just shown you some of the basics of playing Guitar. With these core concepts down, you will be able to start to refine your skills and learn more songs you love over time. 

The next part is up to you. If you found learning from these videos useful, then maybe online learning is the way for you. There are 1000s of courses online, there is even a free one on youtube from us!

Or if you want to progress quickly and need someone to help you get motivated and inspire you to rock stardom. Then you could always consider a one to one tutor. Which, coincidently Guitar Academy provide in Petersfield.

Thanks for stopping by and check out our website and social media and all that jazz to learn more about us and more about Guitar.

Online Payments Explained

Online payments via your personal account

We have made it really easy to manage your bookings, see invoices and make payments.

On the main homepage is a ‘Student Log In’ button. This will take you to our log in screen. Once logged in you can select options from the right. Such as ‘Accounts and Invoices’ as illustrated in the image above.

Then if you just want to make a payment for an upcoming lesson or add some money to your account. Simply click ‘Make a Payment’. This allows you to enter the amount you wish and make a payment online.

You can also click the invoices tab to pay any invoices you might have.

How do I get an online account?

If you are a current or previous customer of ours at Guitar Academy Petersfield. You can log in with the credentials that would have been automatically emailed when you registered.

If you have forgotten, then go to the ‘Student log in’ menu at the top of the main site and then on the log in screen select ‘forgotten password’. Then with your email address you can reset your password.

If this does not work, please email

Easter Activities – Guitar Lessons

Looking for something to do this Easter half term? Then why not give Guitar Lessons a go. At Guitar Academy in Petersfield, Hampshire we specialise in providing one to one Guitar lessons for all ages and abilities. All lessons are fun and rewarding and teach valuable skills such as listening, team work, creativity and confidence.

We can even provide a guitar for you to use in lessons if you do not have your own yet.

This Easter half term we have various slots available with lessons lasting either 30 minutes or 1 hour. As a new student you also get 50% OFF your first lesson. Just quote: guitareaster when booking.

To book your lesson simply email or call 01730 858 219

Learn to Play Day 2019

This March the 24th 2019 We will be taking part in national learn to play day!

Come and take part in one of our Guitar lesson taster sessions completely free!

If you do not have a guitar you do not need to worry, we can provide one for your to use in lesson.

The event will take place between 10am and 2pm on Sunday. Booking is required at this link:

All customers get a free 50% Off voucher for their next lesson. If you sign up to lessons on the day you also get a free tuner!

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