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Introducing: Classical Guitar Lessons

Guitar Academy Petersfield has delivered the best in Guitar tuition to all ages and abilities since 2013. Primarily focusing on contemporary music genres such as Rock, Pop, Jazz and Blues. We are now expanding our product range and introducing Classical Guitar Lessons!

That’s right! we are introducing Classical Guitar Lessons at Guitar Academy Petersfield.

Learning the guitar is fun and rewarding whatever your preference in the genre. But in this blog post, we are going to look at the benefits of learning Classical Guitar.

  • Learning Classical Guitar Builds Confidence

Learning a musical instrument is hard work but also builds confidence. Learning guitar or classical guitar will allow you to build a skill that will last a lifetime and mastering this skill will give you a great sense of achievement.

  • You can play solo or in an ensemble

You can do this as a contemporary guitarist. But as a classical performer you are able to perform pieces without the need of backing tracks or other performers to make the piece recognisable to the listener. For example, you could pay a whole piece recreating a vocal melody and chord progression at the same time!

  • Playing classical guitar can make a great career option.

Learning classical guitar will equip you with a set of skills that are desirable in the music job market. Such as sight-reading skills.

  • It helps you focus

Learning classical guitar helps you develop your listening skills and focus. Learning classical is demanding and requires a lot of focus but is extremely rewarding.

  • Its versatile and sounds great!

The skills you develop when learning classical guitar can transition across to playing contemporary music. Classical guitars also sound great.


Here is just a few reasons why we think learning classical guitar is pretty great. We are quite pleased to be able to introduce it as a service at Guitar Academy.

If you are interested in learning more and starting lessons, then get in touch with us today.