Studio Services

We can offer you a host of services remotely from our studio here at Guitar Academy.

Services include: Mixing, Mastering, Session Musicians and Post Production.

Check our our services below and either order online or contact us to discuss your project!

Mixing and Mastering Services

If you are looking to have your work Mixed and / or Mastered we can provide this service remotely for you. Check our our prices below and send over your project.

If you have any questions about your project you can also contact us with any questions or requirements you have.

Check out Some of Our Work!

Session Services

Guitar or Bass Session – £25

We will perform Guitar or Bass to your track and specification. All we need is a score, tab or chord chart. Alternatively we can compose a part for you based on your ideas. But we do ask that the piece be registered for publishing royalties should we compose parts for you. Please contact us for details.

We can play Acoustic Guitar on your track. – £40

Simply provide the chart, score or tab and we can get started.

We can tune your vocal performance. – £10

This price is for up to three tracks of vocal audio. Please send us the tempo, guide track if available and key of the piece. If you do not know send it anyway we are pretty clever.

Please note we cannot fix the worst performance in the world. But we can enhance the performance of vocals with our variety of technology and experience.

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing – £40

We can Mix your track

This price if for up to 20 tracks of audio. We would preferably like it in omf v2 format with the audio compiled. Alternatively every track bounced individually and the tempo. We can accept project files from most programs but depending on your set up this can cause problems when opening in ours. If in doubt contact us for support.

Mastering – £25

We can digitally master your audio track for commercial release. Simply send over a 24 bit WAV of the file and we can get started.