Peripatetic Guitar Tutors

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Welcome the next generation of peripatetic tutors at your school.

Guitar Lessons for all ages and abilities

Our Mission

We want to bring our tutors wealth of knowledge and learners across the country. That’s why we are offering a service that brings our tutors to your school to inspire the next generation of musician.

Our Lessons

At Guitar Academy we believe that music lessons should be fun, rewarding and accessible. That’s why we tailor every lesson to suit the learners style and interests as well as challenge them to achieve their musical aspirations.


We have a unique approach to our teaching. We deliver the latest contemporary music syllabus to allow learners to progress and achieve optional graded music exams, with practical lesson content that appeals to the ever evolving interests of the learner.

Unique Teaching Style

We know that everyone learners differently and at different rates. That’s why we have worked hard to develop lesson content and delivery that keeps learners engaged and progressing whilst playing the songs they love.

The Benefits

Learning an instrument not only teaches a new skill but also builds confidence, teamwork, listening and social skills. Tutors have noticed an improvement academically from learners that take music lessons.


We make learning an instrument more accessible for learners and parents. By operating out of academic institutions we make it easier for the parents when scheduling all the various extra curricular activities and we make it affordable for parents.

Getting Started

We don’t just provide the quality tuition, we also manage the whole process including; communicating with parents, handling invoices and payments as well as safe guarding and DBS checks.

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