Tools for Guitarists: Riff Master Pro Review

Today we had a play with riff master pro and took it for a spin to see if this piece of software was worth a mention on our blog.

We have been using this for a few days now in our teaching studio and its actually become a handy tool. The software is quite simple and easy to use. It simply allows you to slow down, speed up pieces of music or change the pitch of a piece. As well as loop, EQ and Reduce vocals.

There are already many services online that offer these tools for you to use but one thing we noticed with riff master pro was it didn't diminish the quality of the audio in comparison to similar software and websites online. Obviously changing the pitch and speed of a piece is going to make the track sound weird. But we did find that the overall integrity of the track was well maintained during this process.

We have been using it to slow down pieces of audio for our learners when practicing along to a track. When you learn a track for the first time you might not be able to get it quite up to speed without practice. With riff master pro we were able to slow down the audio to a comfortable speed for our learners to practice with. By doing this our learners were able to also learn the arrangement of the track quicker than if they practiced without.

As far as the pitch controls go this was also a useful tool especially when wanting to learn tracks in different keys. Its good for small pitch shifts but when pushed to the extreme, as in any case the audio becomes weird and pretty useless. 

As a tutor we regularly come across tracks that are quite simple to teach but played on guitar half a step down. With riff master pro we were able to raise the pitch of the track to enable our learners to play along without wasting time re tuning the guitar. Obviously for more advanced learners you can just use different chord voicings to get around slight differences in tuning. But for our beginners this was a great tool to utilise.

Overall we reckon this is a good piece of software for learning tracks and playing along. We also found it useful for transcribing complex riffs. We used the software quite often to slow down complex riffs so we could identify the notes played then transcribed them.

Again there are many pieces of software on the market and websites that offer these services. However riff master pro is worth a look and offers a free trial. Its also available for android and IOS.