Little Mix Black Magic Guitar Lesson Free

In this FREE video guitar lesson I will teach you how to play 'Black Magic' by Little Mix. Simply a random song from the UK top 40 at the moment. Easy to follow hope you enjoy.

There are two versions. One is an edit as one of the videos is banned in some countries due to copyright reasons.

Guitar Lesson Video

Cover of Neon by John Mayer – Guitar

Cover of Neon by John Mayer by Vince Hearn, Guitar Tutor at Guitar Academy Petersfield

Studio version cover performed to a backing track sourced online.
Just one of the track we have taught recently at Guitar Academy Petersfield. For one to one tuition and advice please contact us or check out our website.

One Minute Bass Lick Lesson

Want to learn a cool bass lick in a minute? Then watch this...Download the Transcription Below.Bass Lick 1   
Here are some of our one minute lessons showing you how to play some cool bass licks.

Ear Training for Guitarists

Ear Training Lesson 1 – Introduction to Interval Recognition

Ear Training is a subject that most of my students either hate or don’t appreciate enough. When teaching the subject its often quite difficult to get students enthusiastic about.

But its an essential skill that all musicians must develop. Ear training as a practical skill can be the ability to recognise the tonality of a piece, the notes contained within a musical phrase or how an instrument is performing a section of the piece Rhythmically  simply by listening.

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How to Get More GIGs.

This weekend I was reading some articles online and in a famous guitar magazine. These articles had features on how to get more gigs and had some great tips in but also some bad advice for current and future musicians.

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How to Read Guitar Tab

How to read Tab (Tablature)

Tabs tell you how a song is played on the guitar. Its different from traditional notation as it uses a series of numbers instead of symbols to tell you the notes to play.

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