Recording Software Run Down

The Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Software rundown.

Here is a run down of some awesome pieces of software to help you start recording and mixing audio. Just a general overview of whats out there to help you decide

Protools – £499 average

Awesome piece of kit and used in a huge amount of studios. Pricey but loads of functions. Not as user friendly as its competitors but a professional and good quality software. If you have the time to get the hang of its layout then this is for you.

Logic – 139.99

Mac only so immediately a restriction. But to be fair if you produce music or do anything creative you probably already have a mac. A lot cheaper than its competitors and extremely user friendly. Does lack some desirable tools but can be sold with the integration of third party software. I feel this software is great for composers and musicians that work a lot with midi as well as audio.

Cubase – £499 average

Everyone I encounter seems to be un thrilled by this program. But I must admit its the bridge between logic and protools. More user friendly than protools but more feature packed that logic. Well at least tools you would use professionally.

Reaper – $60

A budget piece of software but well designed. Around $60. A great starting block for the strapped for cash producer. Also works with third party plugins and also user friendly.

Audacity. – FREE

This is fine for recording audio. Low tech design as its Free. Has a good amount of tools but again not really for anything complex. But if your just tracking to make demos, voiceovers, video audio etc. This is good and also a good place to start to get an idea on how audio production software works.

Garage band – £8.99

Mac only again but not expensive and comes with most macs. Create for starting to make music. Loads of tools and software instruments for anyone wishing to make music. Lacking professional tools but extremely user friendly. If you like garage band the next step is logic.


This run down is in no particular order. Just an over view of software available to the recording musician.The best thing you can do is download a demo of these programs and simply have a play! they all pretty much behave in the same way. Personal preference and also your intended use will ultimately help you decide which one is for you.