Essential Kit for Guitarists


Its a fact that your a Guitarist now or soon to be one. Your gonna need some cool kit. Here is our low down on what you need and what you don't.


You will break your strings. They will even get rusty and black and lose their tone when all the dead skin from your fingers cling to them. So get some spares. Most electrics come with a gauge 10. But if you want something a little lighter to play then why not try a 9?

If your looking to get more metal or have hands made of steel then try thicker strings. But BEWARE! changing the strings from a 10 to 9 or vice versa is no big deal. Going bigger may compromise your guitar set up and intonation. So seek professional advice before attempting the tranisition.

A Tuner

You can't carry your teacher with you. So buy a tuner. They come in all shapes and sizes and designs. But get a digital chromatic tuner and your all set. The most important thing you need to do every time you play is tune your guitar.

A slight breeze (change in temperature), putting it in a case, or knocking it will put your guitar out of tune.


You will want to play a song that uses a capo.

So get one! We recommend the daddario ns capo or artist capo. You can also get some cheaper ones on ebay for a couple of quid. But in our experience. Buy cheap buy twice.

Also don't use the capo as an excuse not to learn bar chords!


A good guitar lead is also essential. Get a good quality one! Go for a well respected brand name and you can't go wrong. Cheap leads off ebay will let you down. Especially when your playing in front of loads of people. They seem to know when to make you look foolish.

A Case or Gig Bag

Protect your investment with a good padded case or hard case. Standard really.

A Tutor

You can learn quicker with a Teacher 😉

Vince, Sam and Ben are here to help.