Advice on Practicing


Getting younger students to practice can be a difficult task. Practice for some can be really unappealing. Thats why at Guitar Academy we ensure that every student achieves something in lesson and also teach practical ways to make practicing more enjoyable. This guide is designed to help you plan your practice as well as provide some usual advice to parents.

Our top tips for Practicing

If you struggle to commit to practicing ask your tutor to help plan your practice sessions for you. We have special practice sheets to help you progress. Set achievable weekly goals. Your tutor can help with this and design a daily plan for you to follow.

Practice the same piece everyday to help reach your weekly target.

Practice at shorter intervals but several times a day. This is especially effective for younger students.

When your not practicing make sure you listen to lots of music and watch some live music either online, on TV or at a local music venue.

Tips for Parents

When your child is not practicing make sure you introduce them to music and make discovering new music a positive experience. Share your record collection or listen to the radio in the house. Encourage your child to comment on the music they hear.

Try not to alter the practice material set by the tutor. Enhancing with more material from other sources and coaching your child at home can sometimes be counter productive and put a lot of young students off. Although you may have good intentions some younger students can be put off extra training that may conflict with the advice from a tutor. Therefore it is safer to follow the guidance provided solely by the tutor.

Exposure to life music especially visuals such as live performances on TV and online can be a positive stimulus for younger students. Reward your child for achieving their weekly targets and try to make the reward educational and music related.