iPhone and Android App Support

If you have purchased one of our apps. First of all thank you!

If your having problems using your app then your in the right place. Please check out the FAQ below and if that doesn’t help then please contact us direct and we will do everything we can help.


Downloading Problems

We update the app a lot with new content. If you find that the app is crashing when loading please first of all delete it then download it again.

To restore your purchases please scroll to the bottom of the video list and click restore purchases. Make sure you log in with the iTunes account you purchased the videos on. Otherwise your account will not be found.

Please also note that all videos are streamed. They are not downloaded to the handset. You therefore will need to be in a 3G, 4G or WI-FI area to view content.

Error product not found.

This is rare and something we want to know about if it happens. Please let us know at please include screenshots if possible, your email address and your handset your using. We will investigate this problem and get back to you as soon as we can. (Typically 24 – 48 hours).

Viewing Content Off the device.

This is not something that the apps offer or we typically offer as a service. However for £3.99 we can send you a DVD of the videos you have purchased as a back up. To order this then please contact us at