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Students moving into industry

Will Gilchrist was a former student at Guitar Academy in Petersfield who has recently moved on to study music full time. He is currently involved in many projects and moving into a career into the music industry. We recently caught up with Will who took part in this short interview. 


Introducing Will Gilchrist

What are you doing now? Where you studying and what course?

I am in my third year studying Music Performance and Recording at the London College of Music (University of West London) .

Are you in a band at the moment or done any recording work?

I am currently a keyboard player in a five piece indie/new wave band called 'Konsole'. We also have our single 'Havana' on spotify.

I have also played in several university projects for my classmates.

Why did you start playing guitar?

I was completely influenced to pick up a guitar by watching Mark Knopfler play with Dire Straits on a DVD of 'Live Aid'. I was also constantly exposed to The Shadows as a child due to my Dad being a fan, and found 'Wonderful Land' and 'Apache' also influenced me to start playing.

What are your main influences?

My main influences in terms of guitar playing would be Mark Knopfler, Hank Marvin, George Harrison.

Other influences include Roy Bitton, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Clarence Clemons, John Williams.

Plans for your future in music?

My plan is to graduate and write music for TV and Film, I am a big fan of film music and have achieved my highest grade this year from the 'Music for the Moving Image' Module. I would also like to have a band on the side if possible.

Did you find your lessons at guitar academy beneficial? if so why?

Yes indeed. I always struggled with the theory side of music (especially scales) but with my lessons at the guitar academy I was not only able to learn the scales but also learn how to use them, and which musical situations they are appropriate. This was the case with every theory struggle I had and being able to actually use certain chords/scales/modes helped me learn a lot better.

I'm currently finishing my final projects of Live Sound, Music Management. There's also a Recording Project in which I'm studying into live recordings and musical chemistry between ensembles, and a Performance project in which I'm putting together an indie rock band with a horn section, in the hope of improving my skills as an arranger.


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