Guitars for Beginners

What guitar is best for a beginner?

For contemporary guitarists.

There are loads of guitars out there of different brands and designs so it can be confusing which one to buy for a complete beginner.

My personal recommendations are to play a few guitars in the shop within your price range to help decide which one is comfortable for you for you to play. Reason being is guitars have different neck profiles and sizes so depending on the size of the players hands guitars with larger neck profiles may feel uncomfortable or more difficult to play.

Another thing to look out for is build quality, go for a guitar with a brand name. For a beginner this does not have to cost the earth as many of the major guitar manufacturers have their own beginner range. From experience these typically have better build quality compared to smaller unknown brands and the difference in price is also very minimal.

If your learning acoustic and playing contemporary music I recommend buying a steel stringed guitar as the nylon string guitars are typically classical guitars.

If a standard size guitar is too big for you then some shops and most online stockists will be able to offer 3/4 size guitars or smaller.


Brand names for beginner guitars to investigate…. Squire (Made by Fender), Epiphone (Made by Gibson) as well as Jackson and Ibanez who make their own budget models.


Ibanez Recommendation

Ibanez GRX70 Click Here

Squire Recommendations

Click Here

Telecaster Model

Epiphone Recommendations

Epiphone Les Paul Special Style

Many of these guitars also come in “Junior” Models for smaller children.

A few stores to check out local to Petersfield, Hampshire and Available online are..

Andertons Music (Guildford)

Nevada Music (Portsmouth)

Guitar Village (Farnham)










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