Christmas Gifts for Guitarists

Its that time of year and you might be wondering what do I get the rock star in my life for christmas?

Well look no further! We have compiled a list of some great gift Ideas to suit every pocket.

1. Capos, Picks and Strings

You can’t go wrong with these accessories. These essential items can be found in most guitarists gig bags and spares are always appreciated.

Strings for electrics can be found from only £4 a pack, Acoustic £7.

Capos can range from £3 to £20.

Plectrums from 10p each!

These items make excellent gifts or stocking fillers.

The Guitar Academy is now official retailers of D’addario Products. so our clients students get exclusive offers! Contact us for more info.

2. Guitar Straps.

Another essential product for the enthusiast or performer. Our favourite strap is the Planet Waves lock strap.

Sure we are official retailers of this product but we really do feel its worth bragging about. When purchasing a strap you inevitably want to buy strap locks for your guitar to stop it flying away when your rocking out on stage or in the bedroom. The Lock strap by planet waves is a strap with built in strap locks. Its simple design also means it will lock on to virtually any guitar. Its also really good quality. We have several here at the guitar academy in Petersfield and our tutors use them. Enough Said.

The Guitar Academy is now official retailers of D’addario Products. so our clients students get exclusive offers! Contact us for more info.

3. Tuners and Metronomes.

Not the most thrilling piece of kit but essential and good quality tuners and metronomes are appreciated.

We recommend KORG chromatic guitar tuners as well as Planet Waves Chromatic Guitar Tuners and Metronomes.

We also love the new clip on tuner from planet waves called the NS.

 4. The IRIG

A personal favourite of ours and our students. The iRig by Ik Multimedia now comes in a variety of formats and price ranges.

This adapter allows you to plug your guitar into your iphone or iPad and use effects and amps built into an APP! This may sound crazy but its actually a great practice tool. It allows you to jam with tracks on your phone or ipad as well as practice to a metronome and record your own performances.

From only £20 this is a great gift for any guitarist.


 4. MOOER pedals

These guitar effects pedals are growing in popularity and regularly mentioned by our students. The company MOOER are responsible for manufacturing some small stomp box effects for guitarists. These cute pedals pack some serious attitude and start at very reasonable prices. Check out the range below.


5 A New Guitar!

Nothing says happy christmas like a brand new Gibson Les Paul.

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